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Investigative Services Services:


Culbert Professional Investigations Group, Located in Maine, provides an extensive range of professional investigations, surveillance, background screening, service of process and related services throughout the entire state of Maine. Court experienced and tested in both state and federal court systems.  Private Investigators in Maine Our services include, but are not limited to:



Commercial Investigations

  1. Pre-employment / Background Check

  2. Property & Casualty

  3. Internal Theft / Loss Prevention

  4. Executive Protection & VIP Operations


Attorney Solutions

  1. Pre-Trial Preparation Video  Surveillance

  2. Court Testimony

  3. Workers’ Compensation  Insurance Fraud

  4. Locates  Skip Trace  Interviews  Statements

  5. Judgment Recovery

Personal Investigations

  1. Child Custody  Child Abuse  Nanny Issues

  2. Domestic Issues

  3. Surveillance  Photos  Video Documentation

  4. Personal Injury  Disability Claims

  5. Divorce Litigation Support

  6. Missing Persons

  7. Prenuptial Investigations & Research

  8. Death Claims

  9. Judgment Recovery

Additional Investigations & Services

  1. Process Service  Summons  Subpoenas

  2. Asset Searches  On-Line Database Research

  3. Public Records Retrieval

  4. Hidden Cameras  Electronic Measures

  5. Electronic Debugging  Wiretap Sweeps

  6. Vehicle Records  Ownership  Driver Records

  7. GPS Tracking

  8. Comprehensive Background Checks

 I have served as a state police detective, Maine Private Investigator as well as military service.  Please call my cell if you have any questions.  Timothy Culbert
207 446-3023

The purpose of this paragraph is to assist our ADA Visitors in locating Maine on google, bing and other search engines. Private Investigator in Maine is a common search word but perhaps Private Investigator in Maine for someone who is visually impaired would work best, Maine’s surveillance leader and private investigation services for workers compensation and disability insurance, among other investigation services. See Commercial Investigations, Attorney Solutions, Judgment Recovery, Personal Investigations, Divorce Litigation Support.

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