"Tim Culbert was integral to our successful defense in the 2021 Gage Dalphonse Auburn Walmart murder trial.  There were over 100 witnesses designated by the State.  Tim worked tirelessly on our behalf, interviewing witnesses and getting them under subpoena.  His knowledge of firearms was very helpful to our self-defense arguments.  Tim was a pleasure to work with, very responsive to our requests, especially as the trial approached.  It was a tough case, but justice prevailed, in large part because of the superb investigation efforts of Tim Culbert."

Jim Howaniec and Jesse James Ian Archer


"Tim, you have been integral to many of my cases.  Your ability to get information and admissions to help the case, find witnesses, investigate the case, and act as a much needed trial assistant is unmatched.  We wouldn't have been able to obtain such good results on our cases without you."

Jeffrey Wilson


I have worked with Tim on several high profile cases and cases ranging from murder to family law.  Tim is always in the thick of it-in one memorable situation he found critical evidence and witnesses in a murder investigation before the State Police.
Stephen C. Smith of Lipman and Katz
Stephen C. Smith
Trial Lawyer Lipman & Katz
5 Community Drive
PO Box 1051
Augusta, Maine  04332

Stephen C. Smith

Stephen C. Smith Trial Lawyer , Lipman & Katz

My firm has utilized the investigative services of Timothy Culbert Sr., owner of Culbert Professional Investigations on numerous occasions for both court appointed criminal matters and private hire cases.

Mr. Culbert is always very professional, extremely thorough, and offers exemplary services, going above and beyond to locate information that will assist clients in their quest for justice.

Mr. Culbert is a well versed and experienced investigator, and it shows in the quality of his work which has been instrumental in negotiating the settlement of cases without the need of going to trial.

I am confident that Culbert Professional Investigations will meet your investigative needs in a professional, cost effective, timely and confidential manner.

I continue to utilize the services of Mr. Culbert and Culbert Professional Investigations, and given my past experience it is my pleasure to highly recommend him to meet all of your investigative needs.

Donald Hornblower

Attorney, Lewiston, ME

I have been using Investigator Culbert for many years. He knows how to get the job done effectively and efficiently. I can no longer count all the amazing things he has uncovered for my clients. If you want results done professionally, look no further.

Kevin P. Sullivan

Attorney, Gardiner, Maine

we appreciated timothy for solving a question we had he was prompt and gave us the info we needed thanks tim

Director, Maine

Great professional services in the private investigator arena, I used Tim's company to resolve issues, they are the best 

Maine Company

As Maine Investigators go, Tim and his company are top notch.  Looking for a Private Investigator In Maine lead me to Culbert Professional Investigations Group and I couldn't have been more pleased.  Working with Tim was a pleasure, I would recommend his company for any one seeking Investigative Services in Maine.


Security , Maine Company

I have worked with Tim a number of times and his performance has been outstanding of the highest quality. His investigative services are always thorough, comprehensive and provide vital information to me in support of my clients. Mr. Culbert exhibits integrity and professionalism while his exceptional research is delivered in an expeditious manner. I would not hesitate to recommend Mr. Culbert’s services.

Lorne Fairbanks

The Law Office of Lorne Fairbanks, LLC 145 Lisbon Street, #303 Lewiston, ME 04240

"Our client had been searching for an heir in one of our probate matters for months. After providing Tim with the information we had on hand
he found the person in less than ten days, saving us thousands of dollars in fees and costs. We would certainly utilize Tim's services again in the future."

Gregory J. Farris

Senior Partner , The Offices Of - Farris Law Gardiner, Maine 04345Lorne Fairbanks